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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a MAC-CAP™?

It is the integral part in our lighting products. Technically, it is a Luminaire (light) slip fitter. This slip fitter allows any light fixture that has a 3” slip fitting base to slide over and be secured to the MAC-CAP™. The base of the MAC-CAP™ mechanically connects to a UL listed junction box. The wires from the light fixture and the wires from the source of power are spliced inside the junction box. The end result is a National Electrical Code compliant method of wiring a light fixture. The MAC-CAP™ is UL listed and patented. It is made from the same material that the handles of pots and pans.


What material is used to make the MAC-CAP™?

The body of the MAC-CAP™ is made of commercial grade General Electric VALOX® 420. It provides excellent strength, stiffness and dimensional stability. It has high heat resistance. And it is suitable for appliance handles, spotlights, electric motors, and connectors.


Why is being Code Compliant important?

Safety is the number one reason why electrical installations must comply with and be completed according to the National Electrical Code. Electricity can be fatal. Resale value is another major reason. In today’s economy, when most sales include a home inspection, a seller may incur substantial costs if something is not installed compliantly with the NEC.


How many fixtures do I need?

The number of lights needed depend on a number of factors and variables, such as: the location, placement and height of the light, what type and reason you want to achieve with the lighting (aesthetic, security, path, focal, landscape, etc.), association rules and regulations, and the fixture you choose. If you choose our most popular fixture, the Nautical Post Mount, we recommend placing them approximately 20’ apart. We can provide a lumens chart if requested.   If you're still not sure, we can send you a pre-wired test fixture.  (Deposit required for test fixture.) We'll even review your builders plans at no additional charge.


Why plastic fixtures versus metal or glass?

Lots of reasons.  Plastic fixtures provide superior resistance to rust and corrosion compared to metal.  They are lighter and easier to handle and install.  Plastic fixtures are flexible, strong and  durable and will not bend or dent like metal fixtures.  Metal components, unless powder coated, must be painted to stand up in corrosive environments or harsh climatic conditions; plastic fixtures are naturally non-corrosive. Painted metal fixtures will rust or fade and require repainting, plastic fixtures are virtually maintenance free.  Plastic fixtures have superior thermal & insulating properties as opposed to metal fixtures which conduct electricity, increasing the risk of shock. Plastic fixtures are made from colored resin components that have uniform color throughout the fixture as opposed to painted metal fixtures whose colors are only surface deep.  Most metal fixtures have glass lenses which are heavier than plastic lenses (acrylic & polycarbonate)Glass lenses are brittle and are easier to break or crack during transportation and installation as opposed to plastic lenses which are more durable. Glass (clear) lenses and plastic (clear) lenses have equal light transmission.  All these factors add up to a lower total cost of ownership.


What color choices do I have for the fixtures?

The fixtures are available in black or white. The fixtures can be painted. We have painted and continually experiment with both “Krylon Fusion” paint for plastics and “Rustoleum Paint for Plastics” to see what effects will result. We will paint the fixtures for our customers for an added cost. We will not however, guarantee the painting, as we are not the manufacturer of the paints.


Are Mac Posts™ aluminum?

No. The Mac Posts™ are an extruded PVC vinyl post. The post has a NOA (Notice of Acceptance) issued by the Miami-Dade County, Florida, Product Control Division. It is approved and has been designed to comply with the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code.


What color choices do I have for a Mac Post™?

The Mac Post™ is available in white. The Mac Post™ can be painted. We have painted and continually experiment with both “Krylon Fusion” paint for plastics and “Rustoleum Paint for Plastics” to see what effects will result. We will paint the fixtures for our customers for an added cost. We will not however, guarantee the painting, as we are not the manufacturer of the paints.


What is the availability and time frame to get the products?

When a customer calls us, we let them know the availability and time frame that it will take us to build the specific product they want. If we do not have a component in stock that is needed to build a customer’s product, we will see when we will have it and call the customer back with the information. In general, it takes 7 – 10 business days for a product to be ready for shipping. Our goal, however, is to always have it built and ready for shipping sooner.


How come I do not see any prices?

We build and price each product to fit the individual customers’ wants, needs and electrical situation. We speak with each customer to get necessary questions answered and the unknowns eliminated. We also ask if we can speak with their licensed electrical contractor. This collaboration helps ensure that the product we build is what the customer wants, is code compliant, and installs easily with the method of installation agreed upon by the customer and contractor. We are then able to provide the customer with a price to build the product. This process helps eliminate any reason to return the product to make changes and guarantees that we have another happy and satisfied customer.


Does the price include shipping and handling (S&H)?

All Shipping and/or freight costs including a reasonable processing/handling fee are the responsibility of the customer and will be added to the corresponding invoice. The cost is calculated when the order is packed and ready to be shipped. Items are shipped via FedEx Ground or U.S. Postal Service, unless otherwise requested. Large or over-weight items will be shipped via best common carrier. ALL SHIPMENTS ARE FOB - JUPITER, FLORIDA.


How can I purchase these products?

We sell directly to customers. Call us at any of these telephone numbers: Office: (561) 748-7516; Cell: (561) 723-0934; Remote Forward to Cell: (561) 575-4593.


Do you have a showroom?

Our facility is our showroom. We are located at 16515 96th Terrace North, Jupiter, Florida. We invite and encourage customers to come meet us, visit our facility, turn on the sample lights, and view our line of products. If you do see what you want, we will discuss what and if we can build it for you. If we can not, we will recommend other possible sources for you to contact.


What are your hours of operation?

We are open Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and weekends by appointment.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept MasterCard, Visa, and Money Orders.




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Showroom Hours::  8:30am - 6:00pm - Weekends by appointment.


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